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Wow tumblr you’re a goddamn murderer, because you killed my beautiful gifs. Seriously I spent much love and effort getting them exactly 1mb then you shove your 245px limit axe in their back. I guess I’ll post them individually if anyone wants, they’re more than twice the size and it’s such a waste whittling them down for the photoset to work.

Ahem, if you don’t know what these are you need to watch the Korean animated film Leafie, A Hen into the Wild. I don’t care if you’re racist against Koreans, poultry or cartoons, you’ll still love it if you have a soul.Primarily known as the “bishie duck movie” around here, most people post of how they watched for the lulz then end up sobbing uncontrollably. Not that it’s not funny, because it is very, but it’s also tear-jerkingly heart warming, sad, and utterly stunning visually.

The art is gorgeous and even more so the animation is a real joy to watch, as all the animals move realistically and any anthropomorphisation is limited to the purpose of conveying comedy or emotion. The original voice acting is just as impressive, and especially that of the titular character, whose actress manages to make likeable even through some of her very unhinged antics, and more importantly every concern, sadness and love expressed seems completely genuine, with thanks in no small part to the animation.

It is primarily a tale of motherhood and you will get so many feels from this, but there’s a brief love story and the second half has an unoriginal coming-of-age story and bogs down briefly. I am saying this as an easily bored person however. So as a whole the plot isn’t the strongest point but there are so many individual scenes that are just absolutely brilliant. It’s not cliched either. And the ending- oh my god. Which reminds me to warn you that whatever you do, DO NOT watch a version with the edited ending, it makes the film 110% less effective and rather cliched. The soundtrack like the story, is perfectly good if not so outstanding to be memorable, yet there’s two sentimental themes I really like, that grows on you.

okokk go watch it, I think it’s my favourite animated film in recent memory, 5 stars. You have my permission to remove all my text. I won’t lose any sleep over it. I’ll just cry, like I did throughout the movie.

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