How to loop a gif

Occasionally I’m asked by people how I loop my gifs. Here’s a half-arsed tutorial to answer that, and to help these confused people. (not my gif)imageRidiculously enough, I don’t think this has been documented anywhere, so this is by default the best tutorial in the WORLD. However it is still a very crappy tutorial and tumblr resized all my printscreens, so you should already know how to turn a video into a gif.

So the goal in looping a gif is always to make the last frame look as much like the first frame as possible right?

You know how we don’t notice things when they happen gradually, like the tale of a frog boiled alive? I don’t know if that’s true, but it’d probably work on me. Here’s a cool lifehack I used when I had a bathtub: once you’re submerged you can run it colder and colder until you’re completely immune to cold water and can get out without freezing your tits off.

So where does that gif loop ^? The answer is probably everywhere and nowhere- every frame is a composite of more than one frame at different opacity levels so the frames smoothly “fade” into each other.

Let’s have a look at a crappy loop before I had my euraka moment:


The water looks to slow down and stop, because all I did was add a layer of the first frame to the last few frames, at an increasing opacity, and of course seeing same thing for several frames is basically a still.

So it turns out what you have to maintain the look of motion is to use the several frames BEFORE the start of the gif as layers for the ending of the gif, and the several frames AFTER the end of the gif as layers for the start of the gif. Lets call these sacrificial frames, since tumblr is obsessed with satanism.

Here is the Oakley Creek waterfall, a really pathetic waterfall that looks sorta okay in the rainy season:


This is 23 frames, including the frames that will remain at the end, and 11 sacrificial frames. So 6 sacrificial frames at the end and 5 at the start. This is an abnormality, because I basically selected the frames where I held the camera the stillest. Usually, one of the most effective configurations is- 24 frames in total, 12 sacrificial frames: 6 at the start and 6 at the end. So you end up with 12 frames in the end because last 6 frames are merged with the start of the gif, and the first 6 frames are merged with the end of the gif. and they move up and down in opacity going from 5% to 15% to 20% to 30% to 35% to 45%. Different gifs work best with different configurations depending on how abrupt the transition naturally is.

Finally, here is a breakdown of what I did:

Step 1: Load the gif in photoshop. Reduce frames to 23.

Step 2: (pictured) Count back the 6th last frame. Select all (Ctrl A). Copy the image using Shft Ctrl C.image

Step 3: (pictured) Paste the copied image as an extra layer. Make it visible for the 6th frame ONLY (or 7th). Make sure it’s at the top. Set opacity to 45% (or whatever).image

Step 4: (pictured) Do the same for the next frame. Count back to the 5th last frame this time, copy it and paste onto a new layer. Make it visible for the 5th frame only (or 8th). Set opacity to 35% (or whatever).image

Step 5: So keep doing as you go along the frames, lowering the opacity each time so it “fades out”. My last frame was layered with the 11th frame, at an opacity of 5%.

Step 6: (pictured) That’s it, we’ve used up the sacrificial frames at the end, go ahead and delete the last 6 frames.image

So now the start frames (which atm is frame 6) already loop to the end of the gif. Now just do the same in the reverse order for the end frames.

Step 7: (pictured) Copy the first frame and paste it as a new layer. Make it visible ONLY for the 5th to last (or 6th to last) frame. Set opacity to 10% (or whatever).image

Step 8: (pictured) Again go along the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th sacrificial frames and layer them on the 6th-7th-8th-9th-to-last frames respectively. This time moving UP in opacity. In this case my 5th frame is layered onto my now last frame at 50% opacity (I moved up in 10 percent increments since I had 5 frames).image

Step 9: (pictured) Congratulations to me I’ve finished the fucking tutorial. Delete the first 5 (or 6) frames and you should be left with 12 frames, all layered and looped. The gif can be seen in the post above.image

hello lamb lady, I felt I should compliment you on your superb choice of music on your blog. whenever I visit it, there's always a new song and I was always very pleased with it. good job on doing such a good job. (Y)

Oh thanks :), I used to just put something I like but now I prefer ones that compliment the gifs. and I’m very flattered that you visit.

Here’s another nice song for you

Your freckles are beautiful

Oh thanks. I don’t think I’ve ever posted a photo of me with freckles though.. nose freckles are kinda cute, but if you get more than a few on your body and head and you start to look unwashed and or old


I used to hate rap music because all of my white friends made fun of it, saying it was stupid and nasty. Only recently have I realized that what they’re talking about is mostly just mainstream rap that oddly enough, caters to a white majority. 

I used to be ashamed of my race because I was told that my race was inherently violent, ghetto, and ignorant. I have heard constantly the phrase “You act white; you aren’t ghetto like other black girls.” What does ‘acting white’ even entail?

I used to wish I was lighter-skinned because everyone always gushed about how pretty white girls were, but never how pretty black girls were. Now I hear the popular saying “I don’t normally find black girls attractive, but you are.” When I ask them what that means, it has something to do with me being quieter or straightening my hair. I straighten my hair because people make fun of my natural hair. When I wore it in its natural frizzy curls, people would constantly pet me like I was a dog, or put pencils in my hair. It got so bad that teachers would let me wear hats to school, which was against the dress code, because my afro was too much of a distraction to all of the white kids. After that, I kept up a pretty strong relationship with my flat iron. 

I used to laugh at black jokes, because I was too ashamed to say that they hurt me. I didn’t want to tell them that they were mean or inappropriate, because that would be admitting that I am black, that the joke was about me.

I used to revel in the trope of “Strong, Independent Black Woman Who Don’t Need No Man” but to be honest sometimes I am not a strong independent black woman. Sometimes I am human, and I hurt. Sometimes I need someone to depend on. I will always be black, but you cannot demand me to be stronger or more independent than I already am. 

Now, I am not ashamed of who I am. I’m just tired. 

You make some sweet gifs :), give me some bleaching tips lol

Thank you bornlazy. and apply topically via oral means

Hey, I really like your gifs, I just have a question. You posted a gif on may 22nd of mist over some mountains and it loops over and looks nice. I was just wondering if you could explain how you made it loop like that? (I know how to make gifs in Photoshop pretty well, already)


Lifehack: wearing two hoodies with the hoods down turns any public space into a pillow






Sexism on tumblr. I know your hearts are in the right place but still, this is bad.

this is powerful

it’s because it’s the absolute other way around anywhere else. stop.

No, this needs to be seen. It’s not okay to demean another sex to defend your own. If you wanted to be treated as equal, then you treat others as equals as well. You can’t fight sexism by being sexist. You can’t fight hate by hating. It’s that simple.

this is the kind of stereotype of “feminism” that’s making it in the media and demonizing the essential meaning of the movement…

They’re hashtags so these are basically just trendy things to say on tumblr aren’t they. Goes to show that people are mostly the same anywhere you go, what changes is what’s trendy when and where. Like Cadillacs and violence are trendy in gangs, gays are trendy on tumblr, whites are trendy in the KKK, USA is trendy in the USA, cyclists will hate buses, and motorists will hate cyclists.

Trendiness is next to godliness
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